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Having your products written about ... Having your products or services written about in magazines, newspapers, e-zines and online publications brings them to a wide audience. What is written about them is also perceived to be more authoritative than advertisements for example.

Your products are wanted ... Editors have issues to fill and they have deadlines. They need to publish what their readers are interested in and are always looking for relevant and well-written news stories or articles - that could mean your product news or applications stories.

Achieving the widest coverage ... Editors can receive hundreds of press releases every week. To give your release maximum coverage in the greatest number of publications it helps if it is written by someone who knows what editors require. If an editor has to decide between covering your product and one from your competitor, make sure yours is the one chosen!

Writing an effective news release ... Producing an effective news release requires much experience, preferably from being on the receiving end as well as writing them. Editors, like the rest of us, have seen their workloads increase, and a news release that needs little or no editing is more likely to be used than a similar one that needs a major rewrite.

How we can help you ... antimony communications can help you by raising your profile and increasing your sales leads through producing professionally written, well-targeted news releases and articles. We can write them with the style and content that gives them the widest take up across the full range of printed and online publications read by your existing and prospective customers.

Saving you time ... Using an external PR agency frees up your time and lets you concentrate on doing what you are best at.

Public Relations for electronics, engineering, technology companies

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